How do I order a copy of my official transcript?

How do I order a copy of my official transcript?

The University provides a free official transcript when you graduate.  However, additional copies can be purchased at any time on the Flinders Online Payments system, and will be posted out to the address specified by you in your online order. Transcripts costs $20.00* each, with an additional $5.00 charge for postage ($35.00 for international postage). Please be sure to check that your results have been recorded prior to placing your order.

Note the following steps when completing an order for your transcript(s):

  • Enter your Last Name and Student ID in the online Transcript order form, which will populate your First Name and Sanctioned fields
  • If you currently have a sanction applied to your student account, such as an overdue fee sanction, you will not be able to complete your transcript request until the sanction has been resolved
  • If you have selected the Delivery Method of 'Post', then you must include a current address for the transcript to be posted to
  • Click on the 'Add To Cart' button when you have completed the online Transcript order form and go to the checkout to make your payment
  • Check your receipt, which will be emailed to your nominated email address
  • Click on the ‘Information/Need Help?’ tab of the Flinders Online Payment screen if you require assistance in using Flinders Online Payments.

*Transcript charges are subject to change without notice.

Transcripts will usually take two working days - to prepare and verify - before they are despatched.  The University can provide a 'same day' service where your transcript will be available for collection at the time you place the order. There is an additional charge of $20.00 for this service upon collection of your transcript(s) and conditions apply; e.g. if you studied prior to 2001 and/or your records are archived it may not be possible to meet delivery deadlines.  Staff will advise you if this is the case and you will not be charged the additional service fee.

For a 'same day' service please visit Flinders Connect on Level 0 of the Central Library building, noting the following:

  • An additional charge of $20.00 will apply upon collection of your transcript(s)
  • You will need to provide photo ID (Student ID card or Driver's Licence)
  • If you need a third party to collect your ‘same day’ transcript, please discuss arrangements with Flinders Connect staff when ordering and making payment, including providing details of the person collecting the transcript (on your behalf).  The person collecting the transcript will need to provide photo ID so we can confirm their identity.

If you are currently enrolled in topics you may download a copy of your unofficial transcript from the Student System.  Log in to the Student System and click on the 'My Exams and Results' tab.  Click on the 'Get my unofficial transcript by email' button at the bottom of the page. Your unofficial transcript will be emailed to your University email address.

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