How many guests can I invite to my graduation?

How many guests can I invite to my graduation?

The allocation of guest tickets for each student is determined by the number of graduands in each ceremony. This number may change for each graduation period. You will be able to view the maximum number of self-managed tickets available, when you select the “Attending” option in your Student Information System.

You may request extra tickets on your application form or by submitting an online request for support via Ask Flinders to be placed on the waiting list. Extra ticket requests are only accepted once you have submitted your application to attend the ceremony.

The availability of extra tickets depends on the number of students attending your ceremony and the total number of tickets requested. Tickets are allocated fairly to all graduands rather than on a ‘first–come, first-served’ basis.  All guest tickets are free of charge.

If your requested extra tickets have been granted, you will be advised approximately one week prior to the ceremony. Please be patient as the Graduation Office receives many requests for extra tickets and we are only able to allocate these in the week immediately before the ceremony.

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