Best Practices on how create a document processing request in Parature.

Best Practices on how create a document processing request in Parature.
  • Please submit one ticket per set (batch) of documents to upload (by fund and category).
  • Submitting one ticket for multiple batches of document to upload (across multiple funds and/or categories) will delay the process as the ticket will be assigned to only a single document services team member.
  • Creating a ticket for each batch of documents will ensure multiple document services team members can work on the requests in tandem, resulting in faster processing and less probabilities of errors.
  • Send only one attachment per ticket.  If you’re sending multiple files (per batch), all files should be placed into a single zip file and then uploaded.
  • The investor name or investor ID should be present on the first page of each investor specific document.
  • Files to be split and uploaded should be in PDF format and in their final state, requiring no further edits or revisions.  Files should not have any security and/or password protection applied.
  • Please do not include any other requests in the ticket.  The Fund, Category, and Investors for the document upload should already be setup in your Investment Café portal.  For assistance on adding new funds, categories, and/or investors, please reach out to the Investment Café Customer Support team at / 800-930-0042
  • Please do not include a new request as a post comment posted in an old request already sent.
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