How to submit documents for upload to Investment Café?

How to submit documents for upload to Investment Café?

​Go to .This is a secure website and offers more security than emailing your documents to us.

  • Click on Submit a Ticket.  

  • Enter your Full Name and Email

  • Enter the following information in the Summary field:  Portal Name + Fund Name + Document/Notice type + “Upload” 

(E.g. Investment Café Capital Partners Fund II LP Capital Call Notice Upload)

  • ·Enter the following information in the Details section:
  1. Fund Family Name (if applicable).
  2. Fund Name (the specific vehicle where the files will be posted to)
  3. Category (the section of the site/folder where the files will be posted to)
  4. Document Title (e.g. 12/12/2015 Capital Call for <investor name> or specify to use the same naming convention of previously uploaded documents for the same fund and category)
  5. Document Date
  6. Total number of documents to split and upload
  • Click Attach a file, click Choose File to browse and select the file to be uploaded
     **Note: If you’re sending already split documents to upload, please place all files into a single zip file and then upload the zip file.

  • Select “Always Email Notifications about this Ticket” from the Email Notification drop down.

  • To notify other contacts about the creation of the ticket, enter the email addresses separated by commas in the Customer CC List section

  • Click Finish.

  • Note: The tracking number for your new ticket will be presented to you on the next screen.  It will not be emailed to you.  Please make a note of the ticket number in case you need to contact us about the ticket.


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