How do I set up notifications?

How do I set up notifications? 

1. Notifications are set up in the site to allow user to have different methods of receiving documents in addition to receiving a simple email. Users can receive documents as email attachments, hard copy mailing or as fax.

Please note that these features are available at additional cost. Please contact your Account Executive for pricing. 

The alternative notifications can be set up within the contact's record. Access the contact's record in the contact manager tool and select the "Notification" panel.  

3. Here you will see the document types stacked on the left side of the screen and a window for each notification method. To update the methods, simply drag the document type icon into the appropriate window. Once you move a type into a window, you will see save ad Cancel buttons at the bottom of the panel. To save your changes, click save button. 

  1. Also, note that the notifications can be set for all of the funds and investors, or set separately for each investor/fund relationship. To retain the notifications for all investors/fund relationships, check the all buttons next to Fund and Investor at the top of the panel. 
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