How do I send a single email?

How do I send a single email? 

The steps to send a single email are as follows:

1. Go to the contact manager and search for the contact's name.

2. As soon as the result list populates click on the line item.

3. Go to the option that reads "Send Email" located in the top bar of the General section of the contact's record.

4. The next screen will have a drop down for "Type". This is to determine the type of email you would like to send. If it is a new password email then there is a type named "Send New Password".

5. Next a "Template" must be selected that allows for pre-written language to be selected or a "Blank template" will allow you to type in the body of the email.

6. Note that the “From” field will pull in the e-mail address of the user that is signed in. This can be replaced with the group email that is often used to send emails.

7. Changes can only be made if the "Edit" tab is selected and then the body of the email can be updated.

8. The final step would be to select the "Send" button.

The email will go to only the contact who has been selected. The email will get tracked at the contact and investor activity as an email.



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