How to add a new contact and assign their online access rights?

How to add a new contact and assign their online access rights? 

The steps to add a new contact are as follows:

1. Go to the contact manager and select the icon located to the second left of the "Search box" that is depicted by a notepad with an orange arrow.

2. A screen will open requesting general information name, email, etc. All fields highlighted with the red asterisk are required fields.

3. Next fill in the users address and other fields.

4. The screen will then populate and ask you to select "Contact Properties" this is any information unique to that contact. This is not a required field and can be skipped.

5. The next screen will appear with "Fund Family" drop down and a search box. Search for the name of the investor that the contact should be given viewing rights to. Once the result appears in the grid click on the line item.

6. The next screen will be a matrix that has the different permission groups that can be assigned to the contact. Click on the grey arrow located to the left of the investor's folder to ensure that the contact is not given access to a fund that they are not authorized to view.  

7. Next you will click on the different permission boxes to allow viewing rights to the appropriate sections of the site.

6. The final step would be to save the selections.

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