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Personal Folders in Outlook ( 2007 and 2010 ): Creating and Opening

Personal folders are useful for storing mail on your hard drive within Outlook.  These directions show you how to create the Personal folders. 

For information on exporting and backing up your Personal folders, see Outlook: Exporting and Backing Up Your Account

Please note: These instructions will only work if you have Outlook 2007 or 2010 configured for an Exchange account to access your Wharton email.  This will not work if you are using Webmail, and any messages or other information you place in a personal folder won't be available to you when you use Webmail. For instructions on configuring an Exchange account in Outlook, please see Configuring Outlook 2007/2010 for Wharton's Exchange Server

 Create your Personal Folder (.pst file)

  1. OUTLOOK 2007: Open Outlook and click on the File Menu. Select Data File Management.

    OUTLOOK 2010:  Open Outlook and click on the File Menu.
    Select Account Settings drop-down menu and choose Account Settings.

  2. Select the Data Files tab and Click Add.

  3. Select Personal Folders File from the New Outlook Data File list and press OK.

  4. Type a name for your Personal Folder in the File Name box. Click OK.

  5. Type a more descriptive name for your Personal Folders in the Name box. This name will appear on your Outlook screen. Click OK.

  6. Check to see if your Personal Folder appears in the Outlook Data Files window. Click Close.

Moving Messages into Personal Folders

  1. Select them with the mouse and drag them to your personal folder. To select more than one message at once, hold down the Ctrl key and click several messages.

  2. Right click on the messages, groups of messages, or mail folder. Select Move to Folder, then select your newly created personal folder.

  3. Once you've created a personal folder, you'll need to open it to see your data.
    • Search your hard drive for the folders (usually they have the extension .pst, so you can use the search string *.pst).  
    • Launch Outlook and from the File menu choose Open => Outlook Data file.  
    • Select your personal folder(s).
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